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本文摘要:1.可数名词单、复数变化形式 (1)规则变化。①单数名词词尾直接加-s。 如:boy — boys, pen — pens。②以s、x 、ch 、sh末端的单词一般加-es。如:glass — glasses, box— boxes, watch — watches, brush — brushes。特例:stomach — stomachs。 ③以“辅音字母 + y”末端的变“y”为“i”再加“-es”。


1.可数名词单、复数变化形式 (1)规则变化。①单数名词词尾直接加-s。

如:boy — boys, pen — pens。②以s、x 、ch 、sh末端的单词一般加-es。如:glass — glasses, box— boxes, watch — watches, brush — brushes。特例:stomach — stomachs。

③以“辅音字母 + y”末端的变“y”为“i”再加“-es”。如:baby — babies, lady — ladies, fly — flies。④以“o”末端的多数加-es。

如:tomato — tomatoes, potato — potatoes, hero — heroes。但以两个元音字母末端的名词和部门外来词中以o末端的词只加-s。

如:radio — radios, zoo — zoos, photo — photos, piano — pianos, kilo — kilos, tobacco — tobaccos。⑤以“f”或“fe”末端的名词复数形式变“f”或“fe”为“v”,之后再加-es。

如:wife — wives, life — lives, knife — knives, wolf— wolves, self — selves, leaf — leaves等。特例:handkerchief— handkerchiefs, roof — roofs, chief — chiefs, gulf — gulfs, belief — beliefs, cliff — cliffs。⑥改变元音字母的。

如:man — men, mouse — mice, foot — feet, woman — women, tooth — teeth, goose — geese, ox — oxen。特例:child — children。⑦复合名词的复数形式。(A)在复合词中最后名词尾加-s。

如:armchair — armchairs, bookcase — bookcases, bookstore — bookstores。(B)man和woman作定语修饰另一个名词时,前后两个名词都要酿成复数。如:man doctor — men doctors, woman driver — women drivers。(C)与介词或副词一起组成的复合名词应在主体名词部门加-s。

如:brother-in-law — brothers-in-law, passer-by — passers-by。⑧有的名词有两种复数形式。

如:zero — zeros 、zeroes, deer —deers 、deer。penny的两种复数形式寄义有所差别。如:pence(便士的钱数),pennies(便士的枚数)。(2)不规则变化。

①单、复数同形。如:means, aircraft, deer, fish, Chinese, Japanese, sheep, works(工厂,著作),cattle。精典名题导解He gained his ______ by printing ______ of famous writers. (1995 N) A. wealth … workB. wealths … worksC. wealths … workD. wealth … works②合成名词的复数。

如:boy-friend — boy-friends, go-between— go-betweens(中间人),grown-up — grown-ups。③有些名词通常只用作复数。如:glasses眼镜,clothes衣服,goods货物,trousers裤子,belongings所有物,wages人为,riches财富, surroundings情况,ashes灰尘, campasses圆规,cattle家畜,congratulations祝贺,have words with sb. 同某人打骂,in high spirits以很高热情地,give one’s regards to sb.向某人问侯,in rags衣衫破烂,It is good manners to do sth.有礼貌做某事。④团体名词的数。

有些团体名词通常只用作复数,如:people, cattle, police; 有些名词只用作单数,如:machinery, furniture, mankind, jewellery;有些名词既可用作单数又可用作复数,单数看做整体,复数看做团体的各个成员。如:The crew is large.海员人数许多(指整体);The crew are all tired.海员们都累坏了(个体)。

2、不行数名词的数(1)一般说来抽象名词为不行数名词,但当抽象名词表现详细的工具时,可用作可数名词且词义发生变化,主要类型如下:①抽象名词表现具有某种特性、状态、情感情绪的人或事。如:抽象名词(不行数) 详细化(个体名词,可数名词)in surprise惊讶地 a surprise一件令人惊讶的事win success获得乐成 a success一个(件)乐成的人(事)win honor赢得荣誉 an honor一个(件)引以为荣的(事)Failure(失败)is the mother of success a failure失败者失败是乐成之母。by experience靠履历 an experience一次履历youth青春 a youth一个青年人have pity on sb.恻隐某人 a pity惋惜的事情with pleasure乐意 a pleasure乐事②抽象名词与a(an)连用,淡化了抽象观点,转化为似乎可以体验到的行动、行为或种别。如:A knowledge of English is a must in international trade.It is a waste of time reading such a novel.She made an apology to her mother for her wrong doings.Many people agree that  knowledge of English is a must in international trade today.   A. a; 不填   B. the; an   C. the; the    D. 不填; the③ of +抽象名词表达形容词意义,通常做表语、定语或宾补等我发现打羽毛球对减肥很有资助.那位作家在小说中提到了和此事有关的一些重要信息.精典名题导解You'll find this map of great _____in helping you to get round London.A. price B. cost C. value D. usefulness(2)物质名词是不行数名词,但表现数量或种类之多时,可以用作可数名词。

如:①物质名词有形或数的相应物体,有单、复数。如:some coffee一些咖啡,a coffee一杯咖啡,three coffees三杯咖啡,some drink一些饮料, a drink一杯饮料,three drinks三杯饮料,his hair他的头发,a few grey hairs几根鹤发,glass玻璃,a glass一只玻璃杯。

②物质名词有前置后置修饰时,前面要使用不定冠词。have breakfast The road is covered with snow.have a wonderful breakfast They have a heavy snow every year.Time and tide wait for no man.We had a wonderful time last night.(3)有复数形式的不行数名词①有些抽象名词往往以复数形式泛起,起到一种富厚语言情感色彩或强调某种特殊状态的作用。


如:Use your brains, please.She has brains, so he worked out the problem.They have smoothed away the difficulties.Have you made preparations for tomorrow’s meeting?Many thanks for your kindness.No pains, no gains.After many failures, they finally succeeded.②有些物质名词以复数形式泛起,表现数量之多,规模之广。如:The boy burst into tears at the bad news.The rising waters did a lot of harm to the crops.The stone bridge broke down in heavy rains.3.名词所有格(1)“’s”所有格的特殊表现形式有:①用于表现时间、距离、价钱、重量等的名词后,如:today’s newspaper, five minutes’ walk(drive), five pounds’ weight , ten dollars’ worth of coffee。②用于表现国家、世界、都会等地方的名词后。

如:the earth’s planet, the word’s population, China’s industry, New York’s parks。(2)“of”所有格的特殊表现方式有:①表现“部门”时,一般在所修饰的名词前有一个表现数量的词(a、two、several、some、no、many等),如:Some students of Mister Zhang’s have gone to college.张老师的一些学生已经上大学了。②表现“其中之一,其中一部门”的意思时,用:a friend of Tom’s汤姆的一个朋侪(许多朋侪中的一位)。

③表现赞扬、品评或厌恶等情感色彩时,应该用:that/this/these/those + 名词(单、复数)of Mary’s/yours/his/hers。如:That invention of hers belongs to the world. 她的那项发现是属于全世界的(表赞赏)。4、名词作定语英语中有些名词没有其对应的同根形容词,这些名词可以直接用来作定语修饰另一个名词。

(1)分类意义。air pollution 空气污染 boy friend 男朋侪coffee cup咖啡杯 income tax所得税tennis ball网球 song writer歌曲作家body language身体语言 road accident交通事故Nobel Prize诺贝尔奖 (2)时间、所在、称谓等。Doctor Jack杰克医生 Professor Li李教授evening school夜校 winter sleep蛰伏street dance 街舞 country music乡村音乐village people村民 school education学校教育 China problem中国问题(3)表目的、手段、泉源,所属意义。

reception desk接待台 sports field田径场stone table石桌 color TV彩电weather report天气预报(4)但在个体情况下,也有需用复数的。e.g. sports meet(运动会);the United States government(美国政府);students reading-room(学生阅览室);goods train(货车);two men doctors(两个男医生)。精典名题导解He dropped the _______ and broke it. (N 1993) A. cup of coffeeB. coffee’s cupC. cup for coffeeD. coffee cupThe ____________ is just around the corner and you won’t miss it. (01北京春季) A. bicycle’s shop B. bicycle shop C. bicycles shop D. bicycles’ shop(一)名词1.To the sea captain’s surprise,he found that travel could also be quite peasant.A.earthB.1andC.groundD.plain2.Some famous singers live on the from their record sales.A.salary B.value C.bill D.income3.Many countries are increasing their use of nature gas,wind and other forms of .A.energy B.source C.power D.material4.You can take as many as you like because they are free of .A.fare B.charge C.money D.pay5.George always wants things done quickly.He’s got to .A.idea B.means C.patience D.decision6.Do you know the of the saying I just quoted?A.source B.resource C.course D.cause7.—Why did you refuse to move in the house?—Because it was really in a poor and dirty .A.form B.kind C.shape D.state8.His name was on the of my tongue,but I just couldn’t remember it.A.end B.edge C.tip D.side9.You shouldn’t let children play with .It’s dangerous! A.football B.watches C.matches D.chess10.We’ll have PE this afternoon but I forgot to bring my . A.sports clothes B.sport clothes C.clothes of sports D.sport’s clothes11.Dark clouds are a of rain while a smile is a of friendshipA.gesture;sign B. mark;sign C. sign;gesture D. sign;mark12.—Is the house very expensive,Dick? —I don’t think it’s worth the they are asking. A.price B.cost C.value D.money13.These days I hire two in my house.A.man servants B.men servant C.man servant D.men servants14.The editor to1d the newsman to write report.A.a two-thousand-words B.a two-thousands-wordsC.a two thousand Word D.a two-thousand-word15.The brook lies within of the train station.A.ten-minute-ride B.ten minutes rideC.ten minute’s ride D.ten minutes’ ride16.Though I spoke to him many times,he never took any of what I said. A.remark B.observation C.attention D.notice17. came that his should be kept secret. A.A word;words B.The word;word C.Word:wordsD.Words;Word18.We’ve missed the last bus.I’m afraid we have no but to take a taxi. A.way B.choice C.possibility D.selection19.—How was your recent Visit to Qingdao? —It was great.We visited some friends,and spent the days at the seaside. A.few 1ast sunny B.1ast few sunny C.few sunny list D.1ast sunny few20.We climbed higher up the mountain so that We could get a better . A.view B.idea C.point D.opinion21.We have worked out a plan.But I’m not sure whether it will do in . A.fact B.practice C.deed D.time22.—I’ve got an “A” in the examination. ——T11at’s a good .You’ll surely win a second. A.result B.start C.news D.idea23.The makes me feel sick. A.sign B.sight C.scene D.look24.— What a pleasant these trees give us! ——Why not stop here and have a rest in it? A.shade B.shadow C.peace D.scene25.They can never make good nurses,not having the necessary . A.practice B.education C.exercise D.training26.Mr Tong couldn’t keep pace with the others as they marched along.He often stood out of . A.order B.sight C.mind D.line27.I’m afraid that there is no for you in my car, because there are already five people. A.place B.room C.need D.position28. it is to go swimming on sueh a hot day! A.What fun B.How fun C.What a fun D.How a fun29.—Heavy trucks which run day and night are doing damage to our houses and shops of historical .A.scene B.period C.interest D.sense30.The dress is nice but she doesn’t like the on the material.A.sharp B.size C.model D.pattern31.It is foolish to go to the of taking music lessons if you never practice.A.expense B.sense C.pay D.money32.For twenty years Gandhi p1ayed an important in working for equal rights fbr Indians.A.action B.ro1e C.figure D.position33.Last night the president made a speech on TV to the .A. country B. state C.1and D. nation34.The old house belongs to .A.Jack’s and his brother B.Jack’s and his brother’s C.Jack and his brother’s D.Jack and his brother35. will make a trip to China during the summer holidays. A.The Evens B.The Even’s C.The Evenses D.The Evenses'36.I’d like you to meet David’a cowboy. A.dark,handsome and tall B.tall,handsome and dark C.dark,tall and handsome D.tall,dark and handsome37.The young student is as a writer.It’s to all his teachers. A.success;surprise B.a success;surprise C.success;a surprise D.a success;a surprise38.My mother’s is getting grey,but my father has only a few grey . A.hairs;hair B.hair:hair C.hair;hairs D.hair:hairs39. uncle is going to pick them up at the airport this afternoon. A.Jack’s and Joan’s B.Jack’s and Joan C.Jack and Joan’s D.Jack and Joan40.Many old houses are being pulled down to make for the apartment buildings. A.room B.ground C.space D.area41.Enough of it! Nobody here thinks what you are saying makes any . A.excuse B.sense C.use D.value名词1-5 BDABC 6-10 ADCCA 11-15 CADDD 16-20 DCBBA 21-25 BABAD 26-30 DBAC31-35 ABDDC 36-40 DDCCA 41 B智学英文:短视频+图说英语习得路径:拼读+跟读+阅读图说新观点+图说单词+七日练音标/拼读/单词/语法特别说明:仅供免费学习使用,如涉及版权,请联系予以删除。也希望每位同伴尊重每一个作品背后的支付,如果使用,请注明出处!接待列位关注,点赞,转发与评论!谢谢每一次的“赞赏”!。